Beddington Zero Energy Development
8th July 2019
Highbury Gardens, Holloway Road
8th July 2019

Grosvenor Crescent Mews

Project:Grosvenor Crescent Mews
Client:Grosvenor Estates
Contractor:Kier London
Package Value:£750,000

These late-Victorian mews houses are owned by Grosvenor Estates and located in the heart of West London, to the South-West of Hyde Park Corner. The multi-featured brickwork elevations prevail in the streetscape, presenting a rich yet delicate balance of assimilation between stone, brick and wood finishes. Lime mortar, Gault bricks and Cannon Head chimney pots were all sourced to facilitate this high quality restoration project.

The houses attracted a much higher specification than traditional Victorian mews, mainly due to location (5 minutes from Buckingham Palace) and the Grosvenor family desire to work on new and varied masonry details. Large sections of the façade were completely re-built during restoration in the early nineties. The true quality of the workmanship was demonstrated by singular unitary appearance of elevations.